10x20x9 Self Storage Units in Jupiter, FL

A 10x20x9 self storage unit is one of Safeway Storage and Warehouse's more popular rental units. Be sure to ask a Storage Expert today about how you can reserve a unit today for your treasures! 561-744-2324

What can fit in a 10x20x9 Storage Unit?

Approximately 200 square feet of space can hold the contents of five rooms, such as: mattress sets, sofa sets, appliances, and many boxes.

How Safeway Storage and Warehouse can help you

Is climate controlled storage necessary?

According to Tim Dietz, a spokesman for the SSA (Self Storage Association), that temperature and humidity control can prevent damage when items are stored for a lengthy period of time. However, climate control storage unit is not for everyone.

Packing for self-storage

Feeling overwhelmed by the move? Safeway Storage and Warehouse offers Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens residents helpful tips on self storage.

Pest control and Storage

Keep critters away from your storage unit. Jupiter's most affordable self storage unit Safeway Storage and Warehouse offers friendly advise on how to keep your storage unit safe from bugs.

Organizing your self-storage unit

Confused about how to organize your self storage unit? Get helpful tips on how you can manage your personal storage unit to keep your belongings clean and safe.

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