Organizing your self-storage unit

Organizing your Self-Storage Unit in Jupiter, FL

To save space and money, it is good to organize your self storage unit. It will also prevent breakage and damaged items.  It will save you time and effort digging out on something every time you need access to your belongings. Besides, who needs the stress of looking something they have misplaced?  Though no one is born as highly organized individual, some people have learned to develop this habit over a period of time. It teaches them to become creative and productive. So, it is very rewarding to stay organized.

If you want control over your self-storage unit, here are some helpful tips:

  • Draw a lay out. You can start in a piece of paper and plan how are you going to put things in place. You can divide your unit into different categories to help you organize. For example, you can have an area dedicated to electronic devices or furniture alone. This way, when you need them, you know where to look at. In that piece of paper, you can make sketches on where to put each box or what to put in each corner. Stick your lay-out plan in the wall of your unit to help you remember how you organize your stuff. Follow your plan.
  • Keep it clean.  Your unit is another room away from home. You can treat it as another closet. So, cleaning it before you put everything in order will set a neat and clean environment.
  • Keep heavy items at the bottom. To avoid damage and accidents over toppling boxes, put heavy boxes near the ground and top it with light boxes. Unbalanced boxes will likely to fall.
  • Special care of fragile items. It is safe to store all fragile items in one area closer to the ground. If you put them high up, there is possibility of fall and damage.
  • Valuable items at the back. It is good to put valuable items at the far end of the wall between other boxes to keep it hidden. Just in case, there is burglary, they are not easy to access.
  • Put items you need to access often in front. Things that you need more often should be placed in front so you can easily find it on your next visit.
  • Put label on everything. By putting labels in every boxes, it will help you remember what are inside. A quick summary written outside the box will save you time in finding items.
  • Keep things in boxes. It is a good idea to box everything that can fit in the box to protect them from dust and other harmful element. Consider investing in quality boxes to preserve and protect your belongings. Plastic tote boxes with folding lids, like the department stores use.
  • Leave a walkway. Do not forget to leave a space for your walkway for easy navigation every time you need access to your things. 
  • Do not store prohibited items. Review your lease and check items that are prohibited in the storage. They prohibit it for your protection. Make sure to follow the agreement so you will not risk your own investment.
  • Additional light. Consider additional lighting like fluorescent plug-in strips. Check with the management before using.

Spending time in planning and organizing will reward you personally. Keep everything in order so you can save time, stress, effort and money in your self-storage unit. A highly organized unit, also makes it easier to downsize.





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