Packing for self-storage

Packing for self-storage

Careful packing of your belongings for self storage unit is advisable to prevent damage. If you are not careful with your packing, you will be frustrated and have damaged items. Proper packing will help you save space, as well. The maximum use of space will keep you from renting a larger unit. The proper packing and storing will also save you time and effort whenever you want access to your belongings. It will keep you from digging-out items every time you need it.


So, how are you going to pack? Here are some suggestions:


  • Quality packing materials. Invest on your packing materials. Make sure to use sturdy and quality boxes for ample protection. Similar size of boxes will make the stacking easier and more secure. Avoid using old spare boxes to keep your things protected from moving and storing. Investing in quality boxes, saves you time and money.


  • Clean and dry. Do not pack items that are not clean and dry. Dirty items will stain, create odor and attract pests. Also, if you plan to wash items before packing, make sure to dry them thoroughly to avoid water damage, mildew or mold.


  • Box them. Put everything in the box if possible, to protect items from the dust. Make sure to fill boxes to capacity to avoid damage. Boxes that are half-empty may tip over or collapse. However, make sure not to make it too heavy for lifting. Make sure the boxes are strong enough for stacking on top of each other.


  • Fragile items. Wrap them individually with bubble wrap before placing them in the box. Do not use newspaper to wrap the items because the ink will transfer to the glass or porcelain. It will create permanent damage and stain the finish. Make sure to put extra padding in the side, in between, top and bottom to keep them safe.


  • Books. Do not put all the books in one box because they will be very heavy. You can alternate books from other lighter items. Delicate and valuable books should be wrapped individually before placing them in the box. Alternate the book arrangement from spine and pages to balance the weight and prevent possible damage.


  • Appliances.  It is necessary to clean the appliances before storing to prevent mold and mildew. Shelves and movable parts should be detached like refrigerator shelves, washing machine hoses, electronic cords and others. Leave the refrigerator and freezer door slightly open.


  • Electronic devices. If possible, use the original box from the manufacturer to store electronic equipment like TV, DVD's, computers and others. If not possible, then use similar size box and make sure to wrap the device before placing it in the box. Make sure to fill gaps with many crumpled newsprint or old clothing. Small accessories should be tape together with the device to avoid misplacing it. Don't use Styrofoam 'peanuts' as they can generate enough static electricity to damage some parts.


  • Consider using steel shelving. Steel shelving will make it easy to retrieve boxes. A little investment in proper shelving means a smaller unit and less stress.


  • Sealing. Seal boxes securely with strong packing tape. Proper sealing is as necessary as extra padding and cushioning. Use professional packing tape to support weight and seal the box tightly. Seal the box from top to bottom and use it as reinforcement.


  • Labeling. Label each box with brief description of its contents to help you find items easier. Mark boxes “Fragile” if it contains breakable items. You can number your boxes as well as your guide. For instance, box number 1 contain items that you need access more often and be placed near the entrance. Then, you can number the rest in sequence according to your need.


If you pack and organized carefully, it will be a breeze to get things in and out of the storage unit. You will not dread the experience. Because everything is neatly organized, it's convenient to use the storage.


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