Pest control and Storage

Pest Control and Storage

Your self-storage unit is highly susceptible to pest infestation because it is left by itself for a long period of time. The management often has no control over this circumstances since they have no access to each unit. So, when pest start small from one of the units, they have no way to stop it before it causes more damage. So, pest control responsibility falls on both parties; the management and the renter. 

Pests are not your friends and will not care how much damage they can create. Rodents, bed bugs, termites, ants, cockroaches, moths and spiders are the common culprit. By their nature, they can easily reproduce and only need a very tiny entrance to get in. Many of these tiny pests can fit in a very thin and tiny opening and threaten the safety of your belongings. So before it happens, make sure to make certain precautions. The following should be considered:


  • Keep food out. Do not take food with you when you are in the unit nor think of storing food like nuts or legumes. Make sure to clean all the crumbs or food particles off in all the furniture you are storing. Any food or food particles will attract pests and will threaten your stuff.


  • Sweep them out. Before taking over the unit and arranging your stuff, make sure to sweep or vacuum the whole area. This way, the existing and unwanted creatures will be wipe out. Clean the whole area thoroughly.


  • Fight tiny crawlers. Spraying around the door, base board and wall seams are one way to fight this unwanted pests. But, if you do not like your stuff absorb the insecticide odor, you can dust boric acid powder on these areas including cracks. It will keep these little bugs away like cockroaches, ants, and other insects. It is non-toxic, and available in a hardware store.


  • Create a fragrant atmosphere. Hanging a car air freshener in the ceiling and placing some in the corners will help you create a clean and fragrant atmosphere. Rats/mice and other creatures are not happy with these fragrances.


  • Visit your unit often. Make a frequent stops to your unit so you can check possible intruders. Look for any signs of damage. You can either spray insecticides or set a trap. But never leave without taking care of that suspicious smell.


  • Mouse trap replacement. Mouse traps are inexpensive. Moth balls and other pest control products should be replaced every six months.


  • Call the attention of the management. If you sense that infestation is happening, let the management know so they can make necessary pest control measures.


Most of storage facilities aim to protect your property from possible damage to keep their reputation. Like you, they do not welcome pests because they do not want to harm their business. So, doing your part in pest control will protect your possessions from possible damage.

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